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Radio in general is a technologically advanced field, and those who have obtained their ham radio licenses can tell you that learning some of that technology can be challenging. We've collected some links that can help you understand both the basics behind radio and some of the in-depth engineering that goes into the physics of radio, along with ways to improve your setup.

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DIY education is a sub-topic of another page
The ham radio glossary is on another page
Training topics for nets are on another page
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Quick Links
Just starting out in ham radio
Antennas [general, VHF-UHF, HF]
Grounding and bonding
Propagation [general, solar, other]
Signal transmission [tuners, transmission lines, reflection, return loss]
SWR [education, effects, myths, other]
Connection [coax, connectors, wires, loss]
Chokes, filters, baluns
Issues [noise, shack RF, damage, other]
Good-to-know [general, tips, how-to, other]
Solar [general, panels, charge controllers, batteries, other]
Repeater [general, isolation, other]
Electrical [electricity, batteries, circuits, electronics, advanced, other]
For beginners [electronics, electromagnetics, RF, other]
Tubes [theory, amplifiers, other]
Sane preparedness
Safety [general, medical, other]
Ham radio glossaries
Advanced topics
PhD required
Physics [general, electrodynamics, other]
Debunked myths

Basic and technical topics

Advanced topics

Debunked myths


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