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Ratzlaff Family Photo May 2017
We are the Ratzlaff family
Noji is the dad and Lisa is the mom, and we live in Orem, Utah. We have four kids and eight grandkids so far. Noji currently works at DISH (posts his résumé here), is a ham (KNØJI), and Lisa is also a ham (KR5LYS), a full-time mom and grandma, and a great homemaker. We actively attend the LDS (Mormon) church each Sunday, in which dad and mom have church jobs. Noji also teaches karate at Shotokan Karate and Self-defense in Orem on Saturday mornings, helps administer ham radio examinations once or twice a month, is a ham radio license instructor, a CERT trainer, and is the Stake Eagle Coordinator. Lisa is a family history missionary at the Family History Training Center, a rockhound, a DUP, and speaks French.

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[Lisa and Noji]
[Ricky's Family] Ricky is the oldest of the sons and daughters, a ham (KDØWRV), and is married to Katie, also a ham (KI7NQD). They have three daughters, Lily, Tawny, and Emily, and live in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

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Danielle (Dani) is the next oldest, a ham (KJ7MOJ), and is married to Gavin Reed. They have one daughter, Zoey, one son, Calvin, three more daughters, Lina, Quinley, and Minerva, and live in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

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[Dani's Family] [Three Generations]
Dani, Lisa, Calvin
[AJ's Family] AJ is third and was married to Sandra. AJ has two sons, Sam and Jak, and a daughter, Marie.

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Finally, Eric is the youngest, a champion ping-pong player, a ham (KG7EKY), a coin-collector, and a math whiz. Eric recently returned from serving in the Japan Fukuoka Mission , is currently erolled at UVU.

THS tournament video
[Eric May 2017] [Eric at Miyakojima]
Eric at Miyakojima
[Ratzlaff Home] We live in a nice, little house about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. (If you look closely, you can see the late Patches and our first antenna.)

Here's a shot of our house at sunset on New Year's Day 2015, with a better view of our three (at the time) roof-mounted antennas:
[Ratzlaff Home 2015]
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