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Fri 23 Feb 2024 04:38:01 am

Looking to dine out?

It goes without saying that we Ratzlaffs love to eat. And when it comes to dining out, we definitely have our opinions. This little guide lists many of the restaurants we have visited and what we think about them. Hover over text in pink for additional information.

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Unfortunately, many restaurants also appear and then disappear without much warning, so it's easy for this guide to become out of date. If you know of a restaurant listed here that is no longer in business, or a worthy one that is not on this list but should be, please email us.

We define local as within Utah County. All addresses are in Utah unless otherwise noted. Ratings are subjective and are solely the opinions of the Ratzlaff family members. This web page does not present a comprehensive list of restaurants; only the ones we have visited. Also, we will omit a restaurant from this list if we feel its ratings will be too low. We also omit most fast food restaurants, even good ones.

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