Ratzlaff Family History
[Ratzlaff Family]

Ratzlaff Family Photo January 2012
We are the Ratzlaff family
Noji is the dad and Lisa is the mom, and we live in Orem, Utah. We have four kids and five grandkids so far. Noji is a full-time software developer in West Valley City, a ham (KN0JI), and Lisa is a family history missionary, also a ham (KR5LYS), a full-time mom, a DUP, and a great homemaker. We actively attend the LDS (Mormon) church each Sunday, in which dad and mom have church jobs. Noji also teaches karate at Shotokan Karate and Self-defense in Orem on Saturday mornings and helps administer ham radio examinations once or twice a month. [Lisa and Noji]
[Ricky's Family] Ricky is the oldest of the sons and daughters, a ham (KD0WRV), and is married to Katie. They have two daughters, Lily and Tawny, and live in Craig, Colorado.
Danielle (Dani) is the next oldest and is married to Gavin Reed. They have one daughter, Zoey, one son, Calvin, and live in Eagle Mountain, Utah. [Dani's Family]
[AJ's Family] AJ is third and is married to Ariel. They have one son, Sam, and live in Wiesbaden, Germany, where AJ is currently stationed with the US Army.
Finally, Eric is the only one of his siblings left at home, is a Gold Palm Eagle scout, a champion ping-pong player, a ham (KG7EKY), a coin-collector, and a math wiz.
[Eric] [Eric singing in BSA 100]
Eric singing in the LDS-BSA Celebration
[Ratzlaff Home] We live in a nice, little house about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.
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