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I was born two months early, weighing just 3 pounds, 14 ounces. With 1990's hospital technology I was much better off than someone born 30 years before, but still had a big risk for having disibilities. As it turns out, I didn't develop any disabilities; something I consider a miracle.

My family is LDS, and we have gone hiking all over Utah. I enjoy video games, such as Black Ops, Runescape, Minecraft, and various games on Steam and Kongregate. I served a mission in Fukuoka, Japan, and really enjoyed it. I have seen lots of Anime. I like coin collecting, though I don't put much money into it, and I play ping pong really well.

I am studying software engineering at UVU so I can get a local high-paying job. It's pretty fun, but can be discouraging at times. My dad is also a software developer, and has been for something like 35 years. I'm not sure exactly what kind of programming I want to get into, and I hope college will help me explore my interests.

I have only had one real job, and that was at McDonalds. I applied everywhere else, but nobody hired, so I gave in, applied, and was instantly hired. I made burgers for 4 months before my highschool grades started dropping, so I had to quit.

Eric Ratzlaff Resume

1587 N 800 W Orem UT • 801-228-7045 •


Become a mobile developer for Google


Undergraduate, Utah Valley University
Major: Software Engineer

Work Experience

Mcdonalds September 2013 -Jan 2014
Babysitter April 2019 - present

Personal Highlights

Ping Pong Champion (UVU and others)
Eagle Scout
Two-year voluntary mission


Bonneville Elementary School

2001 - 2008

Timpanogos Academy

2008 - 2010

Orem Junior High

2010 - 2011

Timpanogos High School

2011 - 2014

Utah Valley University

2017 - present

Ping Pong

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Ping pong is my favorite, and longest running hobby. I have been playing for over 4 1/2 years. I started in my sophomore year of high school. During lunch, I would watch people crowd around our school's ping pong table watching an intense match. I gained interest and started learning how to play.

After winning my high school tournament against my best friend, I have earned several medals and t-shirts from playing in tournaments at West Valley City, UVU, Evanston WY, and recently Las Vegas NV. I have a SLC club rating here and a national rating here (search my last name).

You can play against me, if you want to lose.