Yaesu FT-60R Ham Radio Training Topics Yaesu FT-2900R
This page has links to texts of topics suitable for hams to present on the air as-is, to help train each other in various aspects of ham radio usage, best practices, emergency communication, and preparation. Feel free to present any of the topics in any type of net or activity you think applies, regardless what heading they're listed under here. Also, please feel free to change the wordage or word placement, especially if they seem awkward for the way you normally speak. Some of the topics are accompanied by PDFs of the same, similar, or more expanded text.

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PDF version of all these training topics

General ham radio education is a sub-topic of another page
Noji's training articles are on another page
Study and Licensing education is the topic of another page
The ham radio glossary is on another page
Quick Links
For regular nets
radio , personal , protocol , emergency
For emergency service nets
radio , personal , protocol , emergency
For other training net opportunities
radio , personal , protocol , emergency , LDS
Slightly more technical training
radio , protocol , equipment , other
[Girl on her HT]

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How to effectively present a training topic [link]

For regular nets

For emergency service nets

For other training net opportunities

For slightly more technical training nets

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