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Welcome to the world of ham radio

Wait...I need license for this? How do I check for my license? How can I get a copy of my license? What do I do now? What are some newcomer pitfalls to avoid? Which radio should I get? Where can I purchase radios and other ham gear? What kind of antenna should I get? Which feedline (coaxial) cable is right for me? Can I have a decent mobile setup without drilling holes in my car? What other ham radio equipment should I get? Where can I learn how to make my own ham radio gear? Just tell me what minimum radio gear I really need How do I use my radio for the first time? What frequencies should I use first? Where can I find all my ham radio privileges listed? How can I use my radio to contact other hams? What are phonetics and the phonetic alphabet? How do I join a radio conversation already in progress? What basic ham radio words should I know? How can I use radio to keep in contact with local family or friends? How can I make radio contact with my brother in another state? What does it mean to 'monitor' a frequency? Are there service groups in which I can make use of ham radio? How can I use ham radio to serve my church area or neighborhood? Are there ham radio clubs or fun ham radio groups I can join? How do I join a ham radio net? How do I start my own net? How can I use ham radio to prepare for an emergency? How do I make a (72-hour) go-kit that includes ham radio? What first ham radio steps should I take in the event of an actual emergency? How can I sharpen my ham radio skills? What kinds of fun things can I do with ham radio? Are there ham radio events or other large get-togethers I can attend? How do I request a First Contact Award for somebody? How do I request an Elmer Award for somebody? Just how far can I talk on a ham radio? How can I get into HF? Where can I go to learn Morse code? Where can I learn more about ham radio without getting overwhelmed? How do I upgrade my ham radio license class? Could I become a ham radio instructor or examiner? How do I apply for a vanity call sign? How do I apply for amateur radio license plates? What are some ham radio best practices? Why can't my wife hear my radio transmission? How do I go about programming my radio? How do I update my name or address with the FCC? How do I get an official copy of my license? What do all these strange words mean? I need help!
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