Ham Contact Toon What the heck is ham radio? Yaesu FT-60R
Ham radio is a way to communicate
  • Talk with another person by radio
  • Ham radio is a nickname for amateur radio
  • Can be a fun hobby or a serious part of your emergency plan (or both!)
  • Operators sometimes refer to themselves as hams
Ham Across the Globe
Ham Radio Scout Why ham radio?
  • Greater range than walkie-talkies and CB radio
  • Does not depend on towers or repeaters for long-distance communication
  • Often the only effective means of communication during a large-scale disaster
  • Not just for techies or men only
It requires a license
  • Must pass a (not-too-difficult) test to get the license
  • Test sessions held on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 pm
  • Licensing test sessions available for all three license classes
  • Inexpensive ($14) and easy pre-registration (to obtain a 4-digit PIN)
Ham Radio Kid
[Ham Radio Girl] Help with studying for the test
  • Register and study for free at HamStudy.org
  • Easy to use, keeps track of your progress (did I mention free?)
  • Intelligently arranges questions according to your ability
  • Serious study, but feels like a game using the Recommended Study Method
The Utah County testing center
  • When you're ready, head over to the ham radio testing center in Provo
  • Requires your SSN, two forms of government ID, your PIN, and $14 (check or cash)
  • Test isn't timed, and will be very familiar to you (because of HamStudy.org)
  • Test results given to you immediately upon completion
BC Ham
[Ham Radio Handy] Checking for your license
  • Appears in the FCC database about two weeks after passing the test
  • You may get on the air as soon as your call sign appears in the database
  • You can download a copy of your license from the FCC
Basic ham radio equipment Handheld Radios
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