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32-minute video about the value of amateur radio

Ok, so what is ham radio? Do people still use ham radio? How can ham radio contribute to my emergency plan? But I can do the same with a cell phone, a walkie-talkie, or CB radio, right? If there's a real problem, I'll just get out my cell phone, so what's the difference? Why not just use regular (FRS/GMRS) walkie-talkies in our neighborhood? Hey, good neighbor! I can rely on my trusty CB radio, right? Ok, so what kind of ham radio should I get? But isn't ham radio equipment expensive? How is it that I can contact somebody several cities away with my little radio? I always thought ham radio was a kind of geeky, old man hobby. What does it offer a normal person like me? Still, I'm not a very technical person; I don't know anything about electronics, and I failed math in junior high. Am I really ready to be part of this ham radio world? Then again, if I was a technical person, would ham radio challenge me? What ham radio frequencies am I allowed to use? How much is this test going to cost me? So tell me about this first ham test...what do I need to know? Is there a ham radio class I can take? Where do I go to take the ham test? Where did the word 'ham' come from? There are so many other ham radio words and acronyms I don't know...where can I go to find out what they all mean?
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