Pressured into doing ham radio?
I got my license under duress
    Your dad made you do it, your husband talked you into it, your bishop gave you a church assignment that requires it, or for some other reason, you had to go get a ham radio license, through no desire of your own. Ok, I get that.

    Well, here you are, sitting in a classroom or holding some geeky gadget that has little relevance to your life, so now what? My hope with this page is not so much to talk you into liking ham radio, but maybe to make the best of an otherwise possibly unpleasant experience. Let's see whether I can address some of your concerns.
[Pouting Girl]

Our family already uses walkie-talkies on trips I'm only doing ham radio because it gets my husband off my back I'm a woman, and ham radio is more of a man's hobby My church leader asked me to do this as part of my calling Unlike cell phone technology, ham radio just seems old-school and outdated Ham radios are heavy and clunky and have unsightly antennas I'm embarrassed to be seen with one of those things I've seen the people who do ham radio, and they're not my type Ok, I'll do ham radio, but only as little as I can get away with
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