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So, until I can get around to organizing it better, it's just a random collection of funny stuff
Combine a bunch of old geezers, electronics, and a license...what could possibly go wrong? If there's one thing hams like better than laughing at you, it's laughing at themselves.
[Dilbert Considering Ham Radio]
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Noji's ham equipment photos and videos page
Hamtoons custom QSL cartoons by Jim Massara N2EST
Ham Crazy gifts and stuff
Ham Hijinks humorous news
Dashtoons radio funnies (caution - some are a little off-color)
AC6V old-school radio humor
Random collection by DX Zone
The Amateur Amateur by Gary Hoffman, KBØH
Source of Electricity by Dave Barry, and the original text and the video
How to Sound Like a Lid allegedly by Rusty Bumpers
A long-forgotten Christmas story author unknown
[Herman Munster Ham]
The Munsters
YouTube™ video (0:34)
[Tim Allen Ham]
Last Man Standing
Facebook™ video (1:42)
[Last Man Standing]
Last Man Standing - The Studio
YouTube™ video (14:28)
[Dilbert Ham Knack]
YouTube™ video (1:02)
[ALF Ham]
YouTube™ video (0:45)
[WWV The Tick]
YouTube™ video (0:46)
[Seth Meyers Ham]
Late Night with Seth Meyers
NBC ™ video (4:25)
[Morse-Binary Code]
[A Ham's Night Before Christmas]
A Ham's Night Before Christmas
YouTube™ video (3:25)
[Ham Hangout]
Discovered their hangout!
[Burt Ham Radio Revealed]
Ham Radio Revealed
Burt, K1OIK
YouTube™ video (9:59)
[Dayton 2014 Hamvention]
Spurious Emissions Band
Dayton 2014 Hamvention
YouTube™ video (2:59)
[Ham Radio Hoarder]
Ham Radio Hoarder
YouTube™ video (3:07)
[Ham Radio Menace]
Ham Radio Menace
YouTube™ video (4:14)
[Ham Radio Heaven]
Ham Radio Heaven
YouTube™ video (7:46)
[Jumping Power Lines]
Electricity on the Skip
YouTube™ video (0:26)
[Transmitter Hunting Basics]
Transmitter Hunting Basics
YouTube™ video (4:24)
[Twilight Zone Ham Radio Set]
The Twilight Zone
YouTube™ video (1:48)
[Simpsons WA3QIZ Ham]
The Simpsons
YouTube™ video (0:14)
[Stooges Morse]
Spook Louder
The Three Stooges, 1943
YouTube™ video (0:20)
[Ham Shack Blues]
Ham Shack Blues
YouTube™ video (4:07)

Turbo Encabulator
YouTube™ video (1:49)

Radio Man
Steve Strauss
YouTube™ video (3:35)
[Bears SWR Jumping] [Rich Uncle's Will] [Kit in Many Pieces] [Band Condition Spray]
[Mice Hams] [Invention of Ham Radio] [Beware Operator] [Mickey Mouse Ham] [Mickey Radio Station]
[Ham Pager] [Porcupine Love] [Mobile Antennas] [Gilligan Ham]
[Eat-Sleep-Ham Radio] [QRP] [Ham Operator Parking] [Danger Kill Dying]
[Think Ham]
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